In God We Trust

John Tilton

"Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me." (John 14:1)
It is so easy to let matters of work, family and life in general consume us with worry. This scripture is a great reminder and consoling to trust in God. Our forefathers in designing the U.S. currency found credence in trusting God that they included it on the back of all of our currency. I guess separation between church and state wasn't such a big issue at the time, or better yet, Godly men founded our nation.
It is medically proven that stress is not good for one's health. . In fact, it's interesting how the scripture says do not let your hearts be troubled, as medically speaking it is said that too much stress adds to the propensity of heart disease. More so, stress and worry is not good for close relationships and the soul, as it robs our mind and time with God by filling our mind with worry, often causing us to be inclined to conflict.

I wrote recently about being blindsided by things that I had no control over or caused, yet the ramifications have and will fall partially on Lanu's and my shoulders. It is natural to worry and be troubled by the related events that will occur or the sacrifice and changes in our lives that will be involved. However, this scripture is so simple and true, that we need to keep from letting our hearts be troubled about what the future holds, and know that God holds the future. That He has shown himself to be so faithful in providing for us and blessing our family, that we can and must truly trust in Him that He will turn things to good if we turn to Him first.
Lord, thank you for reminding me in this time that when we are blindsided by tenuous situations that we did not cause or control, that we can and must turn to you, trusting in you that you see the past, present and future and you know what your will is for us. Guide me to trust in your will and what you will have me learn and grow from these situations that blindside us. I trust in you!

Devotions for August 12

Jeremiah 10,11,12
John 14

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