Rod Shimabukuro


Matthew 2

The protection and overseeing hand of God upon Joseph, Mary and Jesus was brilliant! OF course - He is God. The faith it took for Joseph and Mary was strong. Knowing something of God’s son being given to them to steward had to have been life (mind) boggling. The journeys to Bethlehem, dreams from God, escaping to Egypt because of Herod’s death threats and plot to kill Jesus, etc.
I would love to know of Joseph’s and Mary’s daily conversations, while trusting their God. I wonder if they ever thought to ask God, “Why us? Why did you choose us Lord?”
This morning, I am simply amazed and astounded in the Lord. In my own way, having to live by faith - but nothing like Joseph and Mary! I am encouraged by the favor, hand of God, and His overseeing ways to guide, provide and see His will done through obedience (Joseph & Mary).

I desire to live differently by trusting God’s providential heart and ways in my life, for my family. Decisions to be made for the future; little to medium ones - need to be placed in the hands of God through prayer. He is my God, I will trust Him, He will direct my path - for His purposes, plans and will to be done!

Sometimes I ask - “Why us Lord?” But I’d rather keep saying, “Here we are Lord, use us!”
Thank you God! You are the best Father in all the world and universe and creation. I trust you - with all my heart, I desire to trust You. Forgive me for my wavering at times. I get a little rattled, shaken - but You are my Immoveable, steadfast and faithful God!
I love You Daddie God! Jesus - You are amazing and Spirit of God, I honor You!

Devotions for April 16

1 Samuel 18
1 Chronicles 6
Psalm 11
Matthew 3

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