The Leadership Vacuum

Wayne Cordeiro

"In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit." ( Judges 21:25).
This portion of Judges plays out like a Hollywood drama, spiced with lust and murder, intrigue and passion. It ends with vengeance, reprisal and a settling of the score.

Shocking actions. The concubine dies in a torturous rape from her own kin, the Benjamites. Then her dismemberment ignites the fierce anger of the remaining tribes that triggers an all out war. 400,000 charge 26,000. The aftermath of a bloody war leaves Benjamin virtually annihilated.

We can remain aghast at the death of one concubine. That is bad enough, but it detonated a war where over 27,000 lay dead on the battlefields, not dismembered by a raged husband, but men dismembered by the swords of their own cousins, their own kin.
The telling verse that is repeated several times defines the age they were in: "In those days, Israel had no king; everyone did what was right in his own eyes."

The Church can be precariously close to this scenario exploding again. We saw it in 1099 when religious causes brought the Crusaders from Europe laid waste thousands of lives. It was repeated in the Holocaust, and now again in the Middle East where men are slaughtered and decapitated amidst shouts of "God is good!"

Leadership is critical... no, not just any kind of leadership. You can have bad leaders and underdeveloped leaders. And we do.

In a leadership vacuum, everyone does what is right in his own eyes. Even among those who name the name of God.
The Church and the world are calling for great leaders. Leaders that have the heart of David, the skills of Nehemiah, and the endurance of Job. And the call is one of desperation.
It was the Amish shooting in October of 2006 where five girls were gunned down by Charles Roberts who then turned the gun on himself. Within a 24 hour period after the shooting, the grandfather of Marian Fisher, the 13 year old who asked to be shot first, gave forgiveness to the widow of Mr. Roberts and the other families brought food to the family of the late gunman.

I need to enlist. I must.

I cannot sit shocked at the scene out of Judges, pass sentence on such horrendous verses, then default back to the grandstands.

CT Studd once said, "The gamblers for gold are many, but the gamblers for God are so few. Where are the gamblers for God?"

To rise and take leadership is a gamble. It is not always a popular stand. It will require responsibility, discipline, self denial. It demands that you build deep character that will have the tinsel of steel that embraces a heart of compassion.

It's time. Let's stand. I will go. Send me.
Dear Father, I don't quite know where to sign up, but I put my name in now. Teach me Your ways. Guide me. Your people are precious and deserve to be led well. Raise up many to hear the call and respond... even as the 400,000 did to a cause to avenge a concubine, let as many rise to the cause of rescuing your Church.

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Judges 19,20,21
2 Corinthians 4

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