Trusting God's Wisdom

Rod Shimabukuro

"Where are your wise men now? Let them show you and make known what the LORD Almighty has planned against Egypt." (Isaiah 19:12)
Isaiah's prophetic voice pertaining to Egypt is alarming to me when I think about how people exalt their achievements, academics, successes, wisdom, power....above their Creator.

Of course, acknowledging God as our Supreme Creator is one thing. Entrusting our lives and recognizing His wisdom above ours is where there's a conflict of interest.

I don't want to find myself being on God's reprimand list, as it relates to my rebellion and ignorance, trusting in the "powers of man" rather than the wisdom and plan of God!
As I personalize verse 12, I find myself asking my own "inner man" - Do you want to consider yourself wiser than God? My answer is... "Of course not!" But when things aren't going my way as I labor for God and His people, I feel like taking things into my own hands and I begin to grumble discontentedly within. When MY plans contradicts God's plans...I'm in trouble.

I also must be careful not to put my trust in the wisdom of men who have great education, ideas, innovative suggestions, etc... It will be prayer that moves the heart of God to our forth wisdom in to my heart - to be discerning of His ways.
Dear Spirit of Wisdom,

I long to be filled with Your insights, discernment and understanding! You alone are the only wise God and I acknowledge You above all!

Forgive me for moving ahead of You -I lack praying and acknowledging You more! Help me to slow down to meditate on Your ways, thoughts, words and heart!

Devotions for July 14

Isaiah 19,20,21
Hebrews 11

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