The Reason

Wayne Cordeiro

Whether the cloud stayed over the tabernacle for two days or a month or a year, the Israelites would remain in camp and not set out; but when it lifted, they would set out. At the Lord's command they encamped, and at the Lord's command they set out. They obeyed the Lord's order... (Numbers 9:22).
It wasn't the weather. It wasn't the money. It wasn't the terrain nor was it the deadlines that dictated their schedule and movement.

It was instead the presence of the Lord.

I have been a student of the hand of God for many years, watching His hand set down on some and taken up from others. I have seen His blessings and favor on a ministry for many years and some for just a season.
I am still learning all of the ramifications of this, but one thing I do know ... if the hand of God is not there, if His presence is not seen, everything gets harder, and we begin to develop man made ministries.

We can have great technology, great innovation, super ideas and wonderfully talented people, but it will be the Presence of God that will make all the difference in the world.

So what is the Presence of God? What do we mean by "The Hand of God?" How is it recognized?

It is not always some empirical, scientifically provable fact. It can be more intuitive. You notice it by the marks of His presence ... be sense of unity, a joy, a desire to see God move, a freshness in worship and a receptivity in hearts. It is seen in the unity between co laborers in the Gospel, a willing heartedness, and the fruit of salvations and lives being changed.

His absence will deliver the opposite of this. A cynicism, doubt, "what's in it for me," and an unwillingness to change.

It is my desire to welcome the Presence of God. I can have the funds, the personnel, the energy ... but until He gives His blessing and hand, we will be running uphill and against the wind.
Dear Father, I continue to pray for your presence to be on the ministry and my life. I know that without you, I can do nothing. I will fry my engines and be gone. So keep your hand on my life and the ministry of New Hope I pray. Teach me to know how to posture myself and my heart that You are pleased to dwell in my life and I in to walk in Your midst. In Jesus Name, Amen

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Numbers 8,9
Acts 28

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