Living a Disciplined and Stable Life

Rod Shimabukuro

"For even though I am absent in body, nevertheless I am with you in spirit, rejoicing to see your good discipline and the stability of your faith in Christ. Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him." (Colossians 2:5-6)
It's obvious through his letter to the disciples in Colosse, that Paul had a deep love and concern for them. Philosophies, traditions and teachings that were contrary to the truth of Christ was a threat to the Christians; their walk with God and witness for Him.

Deception is real. Distractions can easily take our hearts, minds and desires off of our relationship with Jesus. Part of the answer to a solid growing relationship with God is captured and penned through Paul's writings.
With enough distracting thoughts that I wrestle with, the struggle at times to think and live a pure & holy life, I find my refuge in the FACT - that I have received Christ Jesus THE LORD! Now, my deep conviction and desire is to WALK IN HIM!

What is my objective or goal in life?

It is found in verse 6 - to walk in Him! that every part of my life - I MEAN EVERY PART OF MY LIFE would reflect my relationship with Christ! To be and become more like Jesus in word and deed. To be an obedient, Christ centered husband, father and pastor.

Do I really want to reach my goal? How?

I want to be, think and live differently to reach my goal, by developing:

Good Disciplines and a Stable Faith in Christ! This is my answer today!
  1. Good disciplines I can work on: Scripture memorization, focused time with Beckie and the kids, taking care of my health/body.
  2. How can I develop a Stable Faith in Christ? Consistent meditation on God's Word (not speed reading!) ick up those great books I bought - take them off the shelves!!
I got a lot to work on God! Help to change, one thought, desire, attitude and choice at a time! I'm so grateful for Your loyal love and enduring grace!

Devotions for December 07

Colossians 1,2,3,4

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