Repercussions of the Righteous

Wayne Cordeiro

"When it goes well with the righteous, the city rejoices..." (Pr. 11:10).
Repercussions ... we have all seen it. If the oil fields have problems producing, we feel it severely at the gas pump. Should a storm destroy crops in Florida, we see prices of orange juice soar. If China raises their manufacturing costs, America's prices of goods increase. When the war broke out, the stock market slumped.

Repercussions... But here we find something that seems so unrelated, but in the spiritual realm, it is interconnected. Solomon tells us that when the righteous are doing well, the results will be felt in the community and in the cities.

I wonder sometimes why our country is so divided. I don't have to look beyond the churches for the answer. We are divided on so many basic issues that should never find us in disagreement on. Our unity and agreement on the Scriptures has been increasingly fissured and the incongruence grows wider each year. Placing openly immoral people in leadership or not removing the same (whether heterosexual or homosexual) from leadership is only one of the many causes of a fracturing society. Both are deeply loved and we are always open to both, but biblical character must be the exemplar of leadership, not skills nor talent alone. And establishing biblical parameters for leadership is not bigotry. It is wisdom.

1 Timothy 3:15 calls the Church, the "pillar and support of the truth." If we are ambivalent, the truth will be obstructed and those who may be seeking Christ will be impeded. If we compromise, the truth is blurred in the eyes of the world. If we are sick, cities slump. If we fight, the country is divided. When the Church loses its authority and influence, you will see signs of anarchy.
In 1 Peter 4:17, we find him saying that it is time for judgment to begin with the household of God. When we get ourselves right, we will see its symptoms in our cities. When the righteous rejoice, the cities will too! It has always been concentric ... when the leaders do well, so do the constituency. When leadership goes bad, the people suffer.

It's time we do the best thing we can for our cities and for our countries ... that we get healthy and that our integrity and maturity increase. Then we will be assured that we can have a bright future of hope ahead of us.
Thank You Father for always reminding me to start with myself... my heart, my honesty, my family. I pray for the Church that we will be united in one faith, and that we find our common ground in You... not in a denomination, not in a style or philosophy ... but in You and in You alone.

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Proverbs 10,11,12
Romans 10

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