Digging A Hole for Yourself

John Tilton

"He who digs a hole and scoops it out falls into the pit he has made. The trouble he causes recoils on himself; his violence comes down on his own head." (Psalm 7:15-16)
It's amazing to find out how many catch phrases we've heard in our life end up coming from the Bible. I've often heard the phrase that a person is digging a whole for one's self or burying them self. A related phrase is how one reaps what they sow. We do need to be careful of how we treat people as it can and often does come back upon us. There are cultures that use pits to trap and catch their enemies or animals. Thus, it seems that when we plan evil and willingly go forth devising a plan that will potentially wrong someone, how that plan may be the pit we fall into. I don't believe that people propagate wrong or evil for the sake of hurting others. However, I think it would be more about self-ambition and gain or revenge. Sometimes it seems that our desire to get ahead or gain things for ourselves can actually be manifested in plans that can wrong others and dig ourselves deeper into holes that might not be able to climb out of.
I've recently observed how someone who is so talented and gifted in what the person does is beginning to disqualify himself in leadership and being a witness to others. I know it's not intentional but rather issues in his life, which is causing him to act our in a way that is unbecoming of a leader and unacceptable. I get a clear picture of this person's talents and gifts being overshadowed by his lack of control in trying situations. He is in fact digging a hole for himself in people losing respect for him in his leadership. Self-ambition and the desire to get ahead often result in ourselves digging holes for ourselves that we may fall back into.
Lord, thank you for reminding me of how "self" can often cause us to do things against others' welfare. Your word is a great reminder that we will reap what we sow. I pray that you will speak to my peer's heart and give me the wisdom to speak into his life so that he doesn't dig himself deeper into a hole that will bury him. Please enable me to learn from this life lesson that I not follow down that path as well.

Devotions for January 15

Genesis 37,38
Psalms 7
Luke 15

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