Conviction of Neglect

Rod Shimabukuro

"Be careful not to neglect the Levites as long as you live in your land." (Deuteronomy 12:19)
The Levites were to be taken care of by the other tribes because they were servants of the Tent on Meeting, the Tabernacle and all it's furnishings, artifacts and materials.

It was an honorable calling - the duties to take care of the Meeting place of God and His priests. But I think there probably were issues of neglect, tribes forgetting to care for the needs of the Levites, etc. I wonder if the Levites felt like they were forgotten, taken advantage of at times???
I am called to be a Levite - a servant in God's house, caring for His temple - but not just the one made with hands - not just the logistics or furnishings. I am called to care for people.

This morning, this verse sticks out to me because I sense the Lord saying to be sure that I treat people with honor and respect. I grew up with influences around me - where we all disrespected, dishonored...people, property and possessions. Sometimes that old nature surfaces - through thoughts, motives...even subtle looks, words.

Help me Lord...

To honor all people in my life - friends to foes.

To not neglect those who labor so hard in our church. Help me to be an encouragement and support to our New Hope leaders and servants.

To not have a "business as usual - apathetic - lazy - corporate" mindset or heart! That would be lame!
Lord - help me to start at home!!! Yes not neglect the ones I love most - My Beckie, Kai, Koa and Malia!!!! Forgive me for being so caught up with "My" calling that I neglect the Levites at home :)!!!!

Thanks for a great church called New Hope...for the great people I get to do life together with. Please keep Your hand of mercy and favor upon your servants!!!

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Deuteronomy 10,11,12
Mark 16

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