Less is More

John Tilton

"He must become greater; I must become less." (John 3:30)
This scripture is definitely the shortest scripture verse I've ever chosen to journal on. However, as short and brief as it is, it's insight and message is so profound, true and self-reflective. It is very clear that in order for Jesus to become greater, we have to become less. The less we look for our success and recognition, the more we allow Jesus to shine in His righteousness and glory. So what does this all mean?
Most of us like to hear encouraging words of how well we do things. In fact our generation is the generation where we are told to believe that everyone's a winner ... no one is a loser. We are also taught by society and our parents that achievement is good. We usually receive awards and commendations for achievements in life. However, accolades and achievements can often go to our head, swelling our mind in terms of us knowing who we are.
Soon, we don't realize that our achievements, our desires are foremost on our mind rather then what God has called us to do.

Such as the case in the arts when we are more concerned about how well we sang, played an instrument or danced. Or it can be a matter of getting caught up in our big our ministry grows, how many people attend and how well we are becoming known. When we serve the Lord in various areas of ministry, is our underlying goal more about people recognizing our accomplishments and us rather then did I do what God called me to do and did I portray the Heart of the Lord? Do we get hurt or disappointed when people fail to acknowledge what we do and us? Are we able to serve and work in obscurity and sometimes out of sight, where we take on the tasks that are behind the scenes or perhaps never seen.

As we heed God's call on our life and serve Him, our ability to humble ourselves and point all that we do towards God, sacrificing accolades, dying to self and advancement, the more we allow Jesus to be seen and understood. The less I am concerned about what I get and how I look, and instead, how much I exampled Jesus, the more Jesus become famous. Then and only then are moving in the direction of we becoming less so that Jesus becomes greater. Then, less (of us) is more (of Him).
Lord, my mother always told me that the law of the land is self-preservation and self-promotion. May I diminish my instinct and desire to preserve and promote my desires, but instead example your humility and sacrifice of worldly matters so that people will see you lifted up in what I do. May I suppress my natural desire for recognition by others and how well I do or perform, but instead focus on what you ask me to do.

Devotions for August 01

Isaiah 65,66
Psalms 62
John 3

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