Willing Beyond my Worldliness

Rod Shimabukuro

"Peter said to him, "We have left everything to follow you!" (Mark 10:28)
The disciples had earlier, questioned Jesus as to who could have eternal life, after a rich man learned a sobering lesson being asked to give up his wealth to enter the Kingdom of God.  It wasn't the money God was after, it was the rich man's heart.  His heart was so addicted to riches, it revealed that this was his "god or idol" that got in the way of his relationship with God.

Then here comes Peter with a bold statement, having left all to live for Jesus.  I wonder how willing I am to give my all to follow Jesus?
This morning, my heart is tested by the questions of sacrifice and commitment.  Am I will to sacrifice everything for Jesus' sake?  Am I so committed to the Lord that I would leave anything and everything to follow Him? I know God won't be unreasonable but is my reasoning so drenched with "worldly thinking" that I compromise my willingness?

It's as though my inner heart is being tested by these questions.  Not that God is requiring me to sell everything I own to give to the poor - but would I be willing?  

I believe God is seeking a willing heartedness on my part.  My heart and life gets hardened by failed expectations in people, hopes dashed, dreams shattered...but this morning I want my prayer to me to be willing to give you my all!
I love You Lord...I need Your help to strengthen me from the inside out! Convict me of my worldliness and lead me to be more like you in motive, thought, heart and LIFE!!!!

Bless the Young's and Hanaoka's in California :)

Devotions for March 03

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Mark 10

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