John Tilton

"We must pay more careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away." (Hebrews 2:1)
I've heard the word "focus" throughout my life. I usually heard the word in relation to preparing for a task or action that required extra concentration in preparation, planning and execution or doing what was needed to be done. The directive to focus was usually communicated by a teacher, coach or someone in authority. The main goal was to prepare myself mentally ton concentrate with all of my thought and commitment for what was to take place. The result of intended success was usually related to whether or not I was in fact able to focus in. This one sentence scripture is very simple but so profound. We hear, see and experience God each day through the Word and through life, especially when we are believers in Christ, attend church and church activities and therefore are surrounded by things of God. Yet, how easy it is not to focus on the truth of who we are in Christ and how we are to walk in our relationship with Him. We tend to get caught up in the task, the activity or peer relationship rather then what God is calling, instructing and expecting us to do. We may not even realize when we have drifted away from God's will or God. We may be involved in church or church activities, but not close to God in our relationship and His will for our lives. We just get caught up in the things other then God's things. Take for instance Christmas. How often do we get caught up in the gifts and parties rather then what Christmas means and why Christ was born.
Tonight at the Moanalua High School Orchestra concert, I saw how the band director got the students to truly focus on him and the upcoming music prior to playing. It took extra time, but the result was beautiful music. The students concentrated and committed to what was to take place. In the busyness of the season, ministry, work and family, I sincerely need to stop and remind myself that I need to focus on my relationship with Jesus Christ, the Word and who God has called me to be in serving Him. Otherwise, I tend to do a lot of things, but will they be Kingdom purposes?
Lord may your Word and will not go in one ear and out the other for me. May I focus intently on your will in my life and all of the gems you send my way this Christmas season and days, weeks, months and years ahead. It is so easy to lose focus and get caught up in life and task. Lord, please keep me dedicated to you and all that you have waiting for me if I am obedient and intent on you.

Devotions for December 12

Hebrews 5,6,7,8

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