Developing a Shepherd-Leader's Heart

Rod Shimabukuro

"Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need." (Hebrews 4:16)
Confidence is a theme for my needy heart this morning, as it was yesterday. I'm reminded of how my heart should approach God. The disposition of my heart should be one of trust and a bold certainty. It is the work of Christ and His understanding, empathetic heart that enables me to approach His presence with confidence. He knew what it was like to be tempted by sin, living in weakness as we are.

His mercy and grace is waiting to embrace me in any time of need, as I approach Him with a confident heart, knowing that He is not only understanding, but HE IS UNDERSTANDING!
I sense the Lord wanting to speak to me more about who He is as KING of Understanding and the Lord of Understanding - rather than confidence. My confidence is based in the fact that Jesus Understands and Empathizes with my weaknesses. Because of who He is in Understanding, I can be a confident child of God when I approach Him...all day long!

Isn't that the kind of person I long to be around - one who is understanding? That is a Christ centered quality I long for! Am I understanding of others especially when they are unloading problems and their life's burdens on me? DO I possess that Christ honoring quality of understanding others and empathizing with their weakness?

1. This is one of the keys to becoming a great shepherd-leader - the ability to empathize with, and understand others.

As I approach His presence with bold assurance, I recognize that Jesus is Understanding and understands me - and not only that...He wants to give me grace and mercy and help me! WOW God!!! You are Awesome!

2. That's another key to becoming a great shepherd-leader - the ability to give grace and mercy, helping others to become more like Jesus in time of need.
Dear Lord,
Help me to develop a heart like Yours! Then I need Your strength and help to live it out. I get so impatient and weak when it comes to listening and helping others - especially with those who “know better!"

But here I am, one who also should “know better", and I need Your grace and mercy in my times of need. Thanks for being KING Patience, Understanding, Grace and me!!

Devotions for July 07

Hosea 10,11,12
Psalms 73
Hebrews 4

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