Partiality & Favor

John Tilton

"My Brethren, do not hold the faith of our Lord Jesus Chris, the Lord of glory, with partiality." (James 2:1)
James prompts and reminds us not to show partiality or favoritism in our serving God, serving and leading others. In the same chapter, James examples partiality and favoritism in terms of how we treat the rich versus the poor or less fortunate.

We often feel that being nice to those who are rich, successful or well known will provide us possible opportunities or the perception of being "connected." Our thoughts of go as far a thinking of the possibilities of realizing wealth, position or authority based on our relationships with those that are rich, successful or of celebrity status. Isn't it within our DNA to like to affiliate with those who we deem as our status in life or better?
I know that it my heart I have always valued fairness. However, I was reminded recently of the possibility that acts may be perceived as partiality and favoritism based on other's perceptions. Thus, although we may not be feeling that we are being partial, we tend to seemingly provide favor.

God is prompting us to remember that how we treat those who are near to us or work with us may in the eyes of others be shown undue favor. It may then reflect on us in how people view us and what we do.
Lord simply, please guide me to be like Solomon in my wisdom and know how perception can effect reality. Thus, may my leadership decisions be based on fact and what's best for the Kingdom. Please bless me with discernment and character in how I exercise my leadership and decisions.

Devotions for July 18

Isaiah 32,33,34,35
James 2

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