Embittered to I'm better

Rod Shimabukuro

"See to it that no one misses the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many." (Hebrews 12:15)
The writer of Hebrews challenges my heart to obey God when I am at war with my own sin. I am to keep my eyes on Jesus, endure hardship and receive the disciplines of the Lord. But sometimes, in my own way, I refuse God's ways, wanting to live life and carry out my own plans on my own terms, ways and timing.

Then the brick that fell on my stubborn, rebellious, hard head...see to it that my wife and kids don't miss the grace of God (Through me!) and that they would not encounter bitterness (Through my actions and words towards them!) so they would not be polluted (because of me!).
Today, I am totally convicted because I've been short fused, short in patience, tolerance but "tall" and over abundant in meanness and anger. So much so, that I am warned to be careful not to live and talk to the ones I LOVE MOST, in a way that would embitter their hearts.

I've failed You Lord and I've hurt the very ones I LOVE THE MOST! The ones that I would die for - I would give my life for Beckie, Kai, Koa and Malia! But my actions in the mean time, disprove the grace and love of God, living through me!


  1. Repairing my relationships and digging towards the roots of our hearts.

    I will be real, open, transparent, repentant and humble! OUCH...Humility!!! I need Your strength Lord, to live humbly before my children!!
  2. Restoring my soul - ahhh---hhhh! It feels good just to write that...restoring my soul. This has begun already, as I'm typing now - my soul is being restored! But I must - I must - I MUST...disconnect the shortness of flesh by making a firm, conscientious decision, in the heat of battle, to back off!
  3. Retreat Rod! This retreating is good. I must remove myself from tense moments - even when I want to "fight to prove MY POINT!" Retreat Rod!
I Love You Lord...and I lift my voice. To worship You, O my soul, rejoice! Take joy my King, in what You hear. May it be a sweet, sweet sound, in Your ear!

Devotions for December 14

Hebrews 12,13

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