Discipline Just Doesn't Happen

Rod Shimabukuro

"for attaining wisdom and discipline; for understanding words of insight; for acquiring a disciplined and prudent life, doing what is right and just and fair;" (Proverbs 1:2)
There's no doubt in my mind that I can learn so much from one of the richest, wisest men in the world. Solomon's life was not short of failure, willful sin and disobedience, yet the Lord continues to use him to teach those who take time to dig into his riddles.

Whether it's wisdom, understanding, insights, a prudent, obedient life or fair life --- discipline has to accompany our attempts to acquire these tremendous characteristics.
Hard work, setting my mind and heart to accomplish what I desire is what discipline is all about. The ability to reprioritize, change bad habits - to do whatever it takes to accomplish a desire or goal defines discipline.

Today the word discipline sticks out like a blaring light on a dark road. There are areas of my life where I need - I desire discipline to accompany my quest for wisdom, insight and an obedient, holy life.

Discipline will require death to my self seeking, worldly desires.

Discipline will cost me a life of pleasure and comfort.

Discipline will lead me to become more like Jesus - as I seek Jesus' will in every area of life.
Lord, how I long to be more disciplined. I know I must decrease in so many ways - in so many areas of my life. You know those areas Lord - and I ask for Your conviction to stir me and strength to fill me - to be a disciplined disciple who fully pleases Your heart!

Devotions for May 26

Proverbs 1,2,3
Romans 7

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