Tough Trust

John Tilton

"The word of the LORD came to me: "Son of man, with one blow I am about to take away from you the delight of your eyes. Yet do not lament or weep or shed any tears. Groan quietly; do not mourn for the dead. Keep your turban fastened and your sandals on your feet; do not cover the lower part of your face or eat the customary food of mourners." "And you, son of man, on the day I take away their stronghold, their joy and glory, the delight of their eyes, their heart's desire, and their sons and daughters as well. (Ezekiel 24:15-17, 25)
What an object lesson from the Lord, that He would take Ezekiel's wife as a sign to the Israelites that he would also devastate their families as well, as punishment for their sinful ways; but then to see Ezekiel's obedience of not mourning the loss of his wife, but doing the will of God.
Just thinking about how I might feel if I loss my wife first of all is tough, but then to think that my loss would be meant as an object lesson from God; what would my feelings be toward God? Especially if I knew that God caused my loss to take place? Could I continue to love and be obedient to God in spite of my loss? The phrase that would probably come to mind is "why me God?" It seems that there has been and will be times in my life as I serve Him that I will have less control over my life and the choices I make, as opposed to when I worked in the secular world, if I am to be obedient to and trust God. Thankfully, none of the hard choices have been the loss of a loved one or the "delight of my eyes." However, it is clear that in serving God, being in full time ministry and being submissive to leadership, that there will be principles and matters that I hold close that I may have to be willing to release in obedience, perhaps not seeing or understanding, but trusting that in submission and obedience my actions will fulfill God's will.
Lord, please teach and guide me to continue to trust you when I am called to release things that are close to my heart, beliefs or principles in obedience to your will in my life and ministry. Even if I cannot see the result or know what your plan is, may I trust that you have your hand on my life and will guide me through the process of whatever I am walking through in obedience. If man is deceiving me, may you make it clear to me and guide me in the manner that I am to pushback and stand on principle, fairness and your promise.

Devotions for September 04

Ezekiel 22,23,24
Revelation 9

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