Called, not Contracted!

Rod Shimabukuro

"The man runs away because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep." (John 10:13)
Jesus, our good shepherd will never run from us when trouble comes our way. When wolves, spiritual or God opposing enemies prowl to destroy sheep (that would be us, His flock!), Jesus will always be our Shepherd, defending, protecting and providing for us!

On the contrary, hired, contracted shepherds feel no responsibility or have the ownership to give their lives up to care for His sheep.
Am I working, ministering, serving and shepherding for a paycheck or for the love of Jesus flock? My heart says, I'm would be equipping leaders, leading people in worship and making disciples whether I got "paid or not!"

In my 20 plus years in ministry, I've served with "hired-help" who are actually "hired-helpless, self serving leaders." There are so many areas of differences between a hired shepherd and a called shepherd. One of the biggest character defects of a hired leader is their ability to RUN AWAY from responsibility and ownership of His sheep when trouble surrounds and attacks His sheep. Their inability to give their lives up for the sheep, stick their neck out, defend, rescue, protect His sheep during TROUBLE is a significant defect in their character and leadership.

I want to live differently by:
Keeping my heart fresh, pure, clean for His sheep - even when they are dirty, smelly, in trouble or causing trouble. How...don't let bad attitudes, situations stick to my heart and make it's home in my mind.

Remember that I am God's called and appointed to ministry - not contracted or hired for a job - rather called to love and give my life for His cause and service!
Yahoo Lord!!! I am honored beyond comprehension to be called to love and love You and Your sheep! Help me to stay fresh in heart, eager in love and honored in calling, to give You my very best. Help me to take ownership and responsibility of what adn who You've entrusted to me!

Devotions for December 21

John 9,10,11

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