What Are You Waiting For?

Wayne Cordeiro

"Defining a Preferred Future"

"these lay a multitude of those who were sick, blind, lame, and withered, waiting for the moving of the waters; (John 5:3)
A certain man has been sick for 38 years, and when he was asked about the longevity of his condition, he replied that there was no one to toss him into the water when the angel stirred it. For over 38 years! That must have been many missed opportunities waiting for someone to toss him in!

With one simple question, Jesus asked if he wanted to be healed. The follow was also a simple one: "Arise, take up you pallet and walk." That was it. His life was forever changed in an instant. He got up and walked.

I wonder how many times I have waited for the moving of the waters, and in doing so, I miss the opportunity for change. I have waited on the circumstances to get favorable, people to like me, and all the start to line up in the heavens before I act.

I know that there is something called, "buy in," that is important, but there is also something called the fear of man and also the tendency to blame others for you coming up short.

Jesus gave the lame man the direction to having his dreams fulfilled. It wasn't waiting on someone to toss him into the water. Instead, it was to move in the direction of Jesus first, to ask Him, then act on His answer! Not necessarily to water, but away from it and into what he really needed: to walk!
I need to come to Jesus on a daily basis, ask Him directly what I need, and then move on it. I hesitate too much. Today, I am going to write down a preferred picture of what is best for the ministry and for my life, and I am going to start there. I won't wait for the moving of the waters and for someone to throw me in. If I do, I will find that they will jump in before me. People will always look out for themselves first of all, and that is a given. So I must hear what is best for the ministry and Kingdom, my family and future.

Picture of a preferred future is what vision is all about. I need to renew my vision. Especially after many months of physical setbacks and then before that, emotional set backs, it's time to come out of hibernation.
Dear Father, thank you for reminding me that I must come to you, and not wait for man. I must hear your promises and then move. Grab my pallet and start to walk. Jesus is asking me, "Do you want to get well?" My answer is "YES!" so now I will straighten my back and stand up, even though others around me are waiting for the moving of the waters. I will come back in 28 years to visit them, I'm sure.

Devotions for December 19

John 5,6

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