Can I Be Deceived as a Christian?

Rod Shimabukuro

"I did not receive it from any man, nor was I taught it; rather, I received it by revelation from Jesus Christ." (Galations 1:12)
The Christians in Galatia were choosing to walk away from God. The gospel was being distorted and diluted by false prophets and teachers throwing people's faith into confusion.

Deception will lead us to desert our faith. Paul was confronting this issue by sharing his testimony - his life was no longer about himself, but about God's calling and fulfilling His mission.
Once I make life about "I need - I want - I - I - I..." my fervent heart for the Lord and fulfilling His calling is affected. I open myself up for deception - even while living in revelation that Jesus is the Way, Truth and Life!

How do so many fervent, called, appointed and anointed Christians get diverted in their faith and end up deserting their relationship with God and His family?????

For me today, I want to live differently by recognizing that I can be vulnerable to be deceived like anyone else. This morning, I want to be aware of my little compromises, that can easily affect my heart and life.

Don't compromise on taxes, deductions...

Don't allow lustful, prideful, worldly thoughts to "hang out" in my heart and mind.

Allow His Word to be my meditation - today's word...
ROD...I am your Revelation and Discernment. Choose truth, not the temptation to compromise. Little compromises are death tools of deception in the enemies hands!
Thanks Jesus, for Your Holy Spirit that teaches me to listen, to discern between right and wrong deep within my heart. I ask for strength and grace to be a man of God - a man after Your heart who delights to do Your will!

Devotions for March 10

Deuteronomy 13,14,15
Galatians 1

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