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Desire God Most

May 3 // 1 Corinthians 8:20-21

As the deer pants for the water, so my soul longs for You, O Lord. Psalm 42:1
The sons of Korah is declaring how much they need God. Just like a deer who despretely needs water to quench it's thirst. So the sons of Korah need and desire for God. Just like when they are hungry and need food, when they are thirsty and need water. The sons of Korah are saying that thier greatest need is God, thier greatest desire is to have a intimate relationship with God. The sons of Korah knew that to have happiness, contentment, and satisfaction in life, thier greatest desire had to found in God. Thier greatest need is to have a personal relationship with God. Becuase nothing else mattered to the sons of Korah. The only thing that was important to the sons of Korah, was God. For God is the only one who could satisfy thier hunger and thirst. God is the only one who will meet all our needs.
What is my greatest need? Who is my greatest desire? GOD!!!! A intimate relationship with God has to be the greatest desire that I have. Knowing God more has to be the greatest need that I have. For anything else is second. I need to realize that only in a personal and intimate relationship with God, will satisfy all my deep desires and longings. Only in a intimate relationship with God will I find love, peace, joy, comfort, security, and happiness. Everything else is temporary. My greatest desire is God, and my greatest need is to have a intimate relationship with God each day.
Heavenly Father thank you for your word. I ask you to help me make you my greatest desire. To make my greatest need is to have a intimate relationship with you. I want to draw closer to you. In Jesus name. Amen
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This journal entry was posted by Alan. He is currently single with no children and has attended New Hope for the past 12 years.

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