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June 19 // 1 Corinthians 8:20-21

I Kings 22:8-14
I'm not sure if I am reading it right, but basically the King of Judah wanted to take back a city from a warlord who had taken over the land. He went to the King of Isreal to ask if he would join in taking back the land, and the two sought counsel from the Lord. However, when they went to see a prophet, they realized that none of the prophets were as faithful and truthful anymore. The one that they could seek counsel from was one that the king had hated because he never said anything good about him or to him. To me, this seems more like bitterness and gossip and that the King should be a bigger man and seek counsel where he should despite his own feelings about the prophet.
I've had a few difficulties at work with a colleague who thinks she is saying and doing things for my good (to open my eyes about the perception others have of me through her own bias). Although we have differences in opinion and I don't THINK I have said or done anything to her that would warrant such actions or words against me, but since we need to work together, it would be best to just keep peace and be the employee that I should be.
I pray that I may find peace with my colleague and be able to communicate better and work together for the same causes. I pray for success for the team and myself, and that whatever God sees for my life, that it be obvious to me rather than be blind and deaf from his will.
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2 Kings 1,2,3
Psalms 82
1 Timothy 1

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