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Is Waiting On The Lord, A Lost Art?

July 31 // 1 Corinthians 8:20-21


Isaiah 64: 4

For since the beginning of the world men have not heard, nor perceived by ear, nor has eye seen any God besides you. Who ACTS for the one who WAITS on Him.


Waiting! Just reading the word can bring frustration

Who likes to wait, you tell me..?

I mean, who in their right mind wants to wait for anything..?

Even to ask the question makes me laugh!!

What if I told you that I found a road map to treasures beyond your imagination? Would you want it? Of course you would! What would you be willing to do for it? Anything right? Yeah! I’m not dumb!, you say. Hmm Really?

I discovered something so amazing about God, almost by accident. I had come to a place in my life you would call a “rude awakening”. First, to have the kind of rude awakening that I’m talking about you have to hit ALOT of road bumps and DEAD ENDS. I was never satisfied with the way things were. (still not) But, it was different back then, I tried to make “things” better in my own strength... My son, Josiah, would say to me with much compassion, “Mom, things are not always going to be the way they are suppose to be”! He is right. I worked so hard at making things better for everyone around me, I had no time for the Lord , the very one I was working for!

We hear a lot about faith and works and what it means to be righteous. Its almost like "the more you work the more righteous you are”. However, this is simple not true. God calls us First and Foremost into relationship with Himself. Righteousness has been imputed to us through Christ, not something we work for.

Through the relationship of knowing Christ, our FAITH is released unto good works. The Apostle Paul says " I count all things as lost, compared to the knowledge of knowing
Jesus Christ. There was NOTHING more important to Paul, then to know Christ, and to make HIM known.


I looked up a couple of word meanings in my Strong's concordance, and the webbsters dictionary,

Wait or Waits:
1. The idea of piercing through something. Hence to wait- long, tarry.
2. Appearing, to gaze deeply into something. Perceptive or aware.

* Act or Acts:
1. to speak, to subdue, to answer, to appoint, to bid, to command, to commune, to declare, to destroy, to give, to name, to promise, to rehearse, to say, to speak, to be a spokesman, to talk, to tell, to think, to use.

The meaning behind the word “waits” began shedding light on the very “action” of waiting. To pierce though something takes time and work. To gaze deeply takes concentration and focus. In the act of waiting we are not just passing time doing nothing, we are activity participating in bringing about our desired goal. Which is?

That brings us to the word meaning of, acts: To get a better understanding of the word “acts” in the content of this verse I had to put God’ name in between, each word, example:

* As I wait on God: He will “Speak”, He will “Subdue” , He will “answer”, He will “appoint”, He will “bid”,.. Do you get the picture?

Now back to that treasure map! If by my waiting, on the Lord, I find Him Speaking for me, Subduing for me, appointing me etc... Well then I will learn to wait! Yes! Waiting on the Lord, has become my favorite past time, it has made everything I do a joy! My faith is stronger, my works easier, my life is so much richer.

For He ACTS in behalf of the one who WAITS on HIM!

Dear Lord, thank you for revealing the truth in your word; in a mighty way. I have experienced YOU, in ways, I never would have imagined. By learning the simple yet hard road, of wait on you, I have learned and am learning, to depend on and lean on, you, in all situations! Thank you for acting on my behalf on so many occasion! You are AMAZING! I love you with all my heart!

Your beloved,
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This journal entry was posted by Gail. She is currently married with 2 children and has attended New Hope for the past 11 years.

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