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November 9 // 1 Corinthians 8:20-21

"In times of trouble, everyone begs the mighty God to have mercy. But after their Creator helps them through hard times, they forget about him....."
(Job 35: 9-10)
How many times do you get into the driver's seat of your car and drive for a while and see you gas light on? How about the service engine light? Or how about walking to your car and realizing that you need to either put air in one of your tires or even replace it--and say tomorrow, bum-bai, latah?

In Job 35: 9, God mentions that it is in times of trouble that we call out to God to have mercy...."God, I going put air in my tire if you just get me to the gas station", "Lord, if you hold just enough gas, I promise I going put gas and make sure I go to my small group today".
Then in Job 35: 10 it says that after our Creator helps them through hard times, they forget about him. -- "Thank you Lord for letting me get to work with the rest of the air in my tire. But I tired to go to small group today. Maybe tomorrow."; "Thank you God for healing me today, but I no like go midweek because no more Pastor Dom."
God wants us to call on him not only when we are in trouble or something is wrong. He wants us to have a relationship with him on a daily basis. (Good or Bad)
Today, I need to apply this to my life by reminding myself to spend quality time with the Lord. Not only coming to him when I am troubled, or need healing, or need his grace. I need to come to him and express thanksgiving, share my thoughts, talk about my wedding plans, talk about my kids/husband/family, etc. I need to set a good example to have a great relationship so that my family and friends can do the same.
Lord, thank you for your word of wisdom. A word that reminds me to not use you as a spare tire or ignore the LOLO ALERT! constantly going off.
I pray that you will show those that I love and interact with how it is that you are my all-in-all. Allow them to see me having such a relationship that they too would desire your time as I do.
I pray for my children that as they do their daily devotion with you, they will be an example to those around them of how they need you and absorb your time wisely. I pray that they will not run into those LOLO ALERT! moments and be lazy to come to you.
I pray that you will provide all the gas that is needed for everyones vehicles, all the spare tires for those who wait last minute to fix them, and for those of us running on service engine our eyes to get them fixed.
I thank you and praise you, In Jesus name.....AMEN.
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This journal entry was posted by Raeleen. She is currently single with 2 children and has attended New Hope for the past 10 years.

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