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Letting Daniel Lead

September 11 // 1 Corinthians 8:20-21

Daniel 1:8
S-"But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king's delicacies, nor with the wine which he drank; therefore he requested of the chief of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself."
O-Daniel was such a servant of God, that he wanted to keep himself clean in all aspects of his life. Daniel knew that if he defiled himself God could not reside in him. A wise man will always remove himself from temptation. Who could be around all their favorite types of food and good wine and ask for a carrot and water? A person rooted in God-that's who.
Today marks the seventh anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our country. As we take part in a moment of silence, I can't help but wonder how things would be today if we all had the mindset of Daniel-to not let ourselves be defiled in any way.
For the terrorists-If they had purposed in their hearts not to let anger and hatred grow and not to let one man's twisted ideals take precedence over God's law's.
For a Nation that mourns-to not let hate turn us into a Nation that seeks revenge but rather a Nation that knows it belongs to a God that will bring about a good out of all this evil, and a God that will seek out revenge on all who do evil; "Vengeance is mine," sayeth the Lord. When we allow ourselves to be defiled it takes us away from the Lord and draws us closer to the devil. Let us purpose in our hearts, NOT to defile ourselves with anything that is not of God.
Lord, I want to be like Daniel, to always purpose in my heart not to defile myself. My thoughts, my actions, my emotions, my physical being and my heart. Grant me the ability to do just that. Let peace begin.
P-Lord, I don't know why things turn out the way they do-but You do. And that is all I ever need to know. I hope to have a part in Your plan. I seek You Lord, to learn in what way You want me to serve. I patiently wait for You. Lord, at this time I ask that You continue to pour out Your love and healing on all those directly affected by the tragedy of 9/11. I also pray that the next leader of this country would be so rooted in Your word and so focused on Your laws that our paths would be in alignment with You. May we glorify You always. In Jesus' precious name I pray-Amen
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This journal entry was posted by Cassandra. She is currently single with no children and has attended New Hope for the past year.

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