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Don't let the pity party planner get to you...

January 29 // 1 Corinthians 8:20-21

"So I am telling you: Hands off these men! Let them alone. If this program or this work is merely human, it will fall apart, but if it is of God, there is nothing you can do about it--and you better not be found fighting against God!" Acts 5:35-39
This is a very interesting chapter of Acts, it shows wisdom in someone who I wouldn't have thought would have it. The Chief Priest and his cronies were getting very angry because of Peter's obedience to God and his preaching the truthful word. So they decided to put them in jail, but they should have known better than to put God fearing men in jail, because God always delivers his people. An angel freed them from jail and instructing them to continue preacher the Word of God, but word spread to the Chief Priest and the HIgh Council. They were puzzled and dumbfounded, so they brought Peter back for questioning. Later because Peter stood for God and not for man, they were so furious that the Council actually wanted to kill them! But then, what I believe was a word from God, a Pharisee named Gamaliel, who was highly respected talked some sense into the council. He explained that there were some men claiming to be leaders of revolution, but there propositions never went far. Their followers all dispersed in signs of trouble and all the teachings and followings didn't amount to anything. So he told the Council that if what Peter was teaching was of his own ideas and not of God's then there wasn't anything to worry or get upset about because its just mumblings of a man. But if what Peter speaks is true and of God, then there's nothing worst than trying to fight God.

Man, how amazing is that. A Pharisee warning other Pharisee's of God's power. It was divine wisdom that Gamaliel had spoke. It's so true too. There are many things man wants to do or accomplish. But if our goal is self motivating and doesn't include God at all, well then we're just setting ourselves up to fail. Sometimes I think we can get so caught up in an idea that sounds fantastic and amazing that we forget God. Our hopes are pressed into this idea of something that would make me look better in the eyes of others, or have a chance of a successful career, or being able to make lots of money which would solve all my problems. But we lose focus of what God wants for us, instead of what we really really really want. And when we're disappointed, because more likely than not we usually fail, we get upset and blame God and sulk. We create a pity party. Sometimes everything we want doesn't happen because God doesn't want it to happen. Throughout our life we may never find our why that idea of something better never happened, or God could show us why he never blessed it and it would all make perfect sense later on. But if what we want is of God, then there is nothing to fear, nothing to lose. Our hearts won't be heartbroken because we would put our faith in God, not some silly man-created idea. There are times when I may not know what is of God and what is of my own heart, but if I fully put my heart and soul into God, then I won't get crushed by rejection because God is safely holding my heart and he only wants the best for it.

Lord, i desperately do not want to go through a situation on my own. I don't want to fall for some grand scheme plan created by me that isn't from you. It's too painful to hold onto an idea for years that isn't in your plan. Please show me what you want for me and not let me waste time pursuing something thats not even on your path.
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This journal entry was posted by Rachel. She is currently single with no children and has attended New Hope for the past 12 years.

Devotions for January 29

Exodus 23,24
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