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August 3 // 1 Corinthians 8:20-21

Nahum 1:7

The LORD is good. A stronghold in the day of trouble; And He knows those who trust in Him.

In the midst of God expressing His anger towards Nineveh for their rebellion God stated a message of hope to those who choose not to compromise their devotion to Him. He is the just God and He is also good. He is the only strong refuge - the One Who wont be shaken - that we can rely on when difficult circumstances arises. And a great promise that He certainly will be there and knows those who put their trust in Him.

My God said He knows those who trust in Him. Itís a promise I will keep and will hold on to no matter how bleak my circumstances can get. God is not limited to my timetable, He is sovereign and can chose to do what He wants to do but He certainly is faithful and will bring His promises in my life in its fullness as I put my trust in Him.

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your assurance that You know me because sometimes I forget that you do because life can get pretty tough, so thank You. Holy Spirit, embed this in my heart and give me your empowering grace to never let go of my trust. You are amazing and I love You. In Your precious Name Jesus I pray. AMen
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This journal entry was posted by Frigian. She is currently single with no children and attends another church.

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