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"Unconventional Weapons"

April 10 // 1 Corinthians 8:20-21

2 Corinthians 10:4-5 (New Living Translation); "We use God's mighty weapons, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments. We destroy every proud obstacle that keeps people from knowing God. We capture their rebellious thoughts and teach them to obey Christ."
It seems that in today's times the battle for hearts and minds grows even more intense with each passing day. The moral climate of society continues to darken, and while there's lots of blame we can put on the entertainment industry, parents, the school system, TV etc., sometimes I wonder if it's just the enemy's push to fulfill one of it's main goals; to keep people from knowing God.

Paul tells the Corinthian church that while "we are human, we don't wage war as humans do" (v.1) He says that we use God's mighty weapons. Unconventional weapons. And the one that can't escape my thoughts is the attribute of humility. Jesus Himself did that with His entire life, Paul summarized it in his letter to the Philippians;
"Though He was God, He did not think of equality with God as something to cling to. Instead He gave up His divine privileges, he took the humble position of a slave..." (Phil. 2:6-7 NLT)
A humble heart does no wrong. A truly humble heart lets people see God clearly. But I learned a paradox of humility; if I go around telling people that I'm humble, then I'm not. It doesn't work that way.

Humility just happens. It's a result of a deep love, a broken spirit, and a clean heart. I set aside my agenda, my wishes, even my hopes, and place all my trust in Him. My love for Jesus, and my willingness to be broken in obedience to His examples, will have a direct effect on how my heart will be.

A steady diet of God's word every morning gives me points of navigation to keep me running His course, and helps to capture any rebellious thoughts in obedience to Christ.

It's "unconventional warfare", but the stakes are much too high to fight it any other way.
Lord Jesus, this battle belongs to you. I want to make a difference so that people can see You and know that You are good. In my serving You, help me to decrease so that You may increase each and every day."
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This journal entry was posted by Kyle. He is currently married with 2 children and has attended New Hope for the past 13 years.

Devotions for April 10

1 Samuel 8,9,10
2 Corinthians 10

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