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Mission Impossible

June 9 // 1 Corinthians 8:20-21

“Let there be no sex, sin, impurity or greed among you”.- “Dirty stories, foul talk and coarse jokes- these are not good for you.” - “Don’t be fooled by those who try to excuse these sins, for the terrible wrath of God is upon all those who do them. Don’t even associate with such people. For though once your heart was full of darkness, now it is full of light from the Lord, and your behavior should show it! Because of this light within you, you should do only what is good and right and true.” (Ephesians 5:3-4 & 7-9)


Easier said than done, right? Unfortunately the thing is that should be easy to follow such simple rules of doing good rather than evil. Why is it such a struggle, and not only as christians, but as a person to follow such concrete standards? Human nature, our flesh seems to gravitate towards sin and iniquity because it’s fun, acceptable in the “world,” and it just seems easier. Why is the “road less traveled on,” more difficult and strenuous in our minds. I mean it should be second nature not to lie, steal, swear, gossip. We all know, even society, that it’s morally wrong to do those things, but why is it so hard?

As a upcoming freshman in college, dirty stories, foul talk and coarse jokes are something inevitable in college society. How do I stray away from those things without becoming a hermit or without ostracizing myself? It seems like an impossible task, (where’s Tom Cruise when you need him.) However, the bible is pretty clear on that subject, “Don’t even associate with such people.” But where’s the line between solitary and following my faith? I know the right type of friends can be one of the most precious gifts in life. Admittedly, it’s pretty hard to find such friends in a worldly environment as college.

Thanks to my four prep years of public high school, I know exactly what not to look for in a friend. Christianity was not meant to be easy. I’ve learned that to follow Christ, to take up the cross is to go against the grain, to denied ourselves and sacrifice a lot in order to obey God’s laws. I’ve seen my friends go through countless trials, and I see what sin can morph a person into. I’ve lived the “popular road” and the “less traveled road,” and I’ve come to realize that as much fun sin can seem, it’s a much harder life to live. Transitioning into a new season of my life, I know that now I need God more than ever before. I need his strength to guide me, his wisdom to protect me, and his lovingness to shine through me so that I can be strong enough to resist temptation and pull others into the light. Once our hearts are full of light, full of the Holy Spirit, we should want to be righteous and want others to know God as we do.
Lord, this upcoming season, I pray you guide me in your ways. I know that with you there will be trials and tribulations, struggles and ordeals; but with you all things are possible. Lord in these troubled times, help me to endure through and become a testament in your name.
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This journal entry was posted by Rachel. She is currently single with no children and has attended New Hope for the past 9 years.

Devotions for June 9

Ecclesiastes 10,11,12
Psalms 94
Ephesians 5

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