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Who Are You?

December 17 // 1 Corinthians 8:20-21


John 1:23

“He said I am a voice of one crying in the wilderness, make straight the way of the Lord, as Isaiah the prophet said.”


Talk around town had people wondering about John the baptist. Rumor had it, that there was more to John than meets the eye! Word was spreading faster than a wild fire, and the religious leaders were having a hard time putting out the flames. So the Priests and Levites were sent out with the million dollar question, “Who are you?” First of all, they weren’t asking this question to a stranger, they knew his name, they knew his family, his relatives and so on. No, they were asking for his true identity.

John’s spiritual discernment must have kicked in because he knew what they really wanted to know without directly asking. John’s immediate reply was “no I am not the Christ.” “Then tell us who you are?” John’s reply was simple, “I am a voice...” (with an emphasis on the word “A”.) John confesses that he is a voice, nothing more or nothing less. Have you ever thought of yourself as just a voice? Or do you forget sometimes that you even have one?


I have been learning so much this semester at Pacific Rim Bible College. Today I finished a class called,The Hebrew Prophets, with Guy Higashi, and I’m sad to say its over. It has been a lesson (for all of us) in discovering our own voice! The voice God has given each one of us to use and speak on His behalf. What’s even better for me is when I get to discover the voice of God in others! Its so amazing to watch as God moves among us, as we gather together to learn of Him.

All of us have this one thing in common A Voice! When we learn who we are in Christ and someone asks us, “Who are you?” Just like John the baptist we can say, I am a voice, one of many, who cry out make straight the way of the Lord!

I know its going to takes some extra time to process all the Lord has been showing me, its like the icing on the cake, hum hum good!


Thank you for given me this time in my life to go to school and learn of you, its always been my hearts desire to know you more. I pray for all who wish to attend Pac Rim Bible college, that you lead them by your Spirit, and by your riches provide. Open the treasures of heaven for your children that nothing stands in the way of your kingdom.

Blessed be your name!
Love, Gail
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This journal entry was posted by Gail. She is currently married with 2 children and has attended New Hope for the past 12 years.

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2 Peter 1,2,3
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