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Imprisoned by Ego

October 20 // 1 Corinthians 8:20-21

But the word of God continued to increase and spread. Acts 12:24
Even though we don't know exactly when or how God will give victory, we can rely that it will come.
Like Job and Peter we go through trials and tribulation and if we listen to friends and family without first seeking God we often will fall prey to bad advice. Often, this "advice" can be the advice of the devil. God promises to never leave us or forsake us. That means that although we go through trials or even persecution, we can depend on God to deliver us from them in the best way and at the exact right time. We are not to anxiously look about and wonder what is happening. God has a plan in all things if you are living in obedience and depending on Him and not your own strength or understanding.
Lord, help me to lean not unto my own understanding or power but to know that you are with me in all things and you will give us victory at the right time. Help us to be obedient and patient while we wait in the Lord.

For your Glory and in the Name of Jesus,

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This journal entry was posted by Kory . She is currently married, has 1 child and attends another church.

Devotions for October 20

Job 6,7,8
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