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January 13 // 1 Corinthians 8:20-21

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever!
-Hebrews 13:8
On the surface, this verse seems pretty self explanatory. Pretty much He is never changing. He's always reliable and won't ever change who he is. From the surface, it seem pretty simple. However, what does this REALLY mean? When we dig a little deeper, what can we find?

First off, Jesus IS God. He's not separate from God. So when it says that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, that means that God is.

Since this is true, it means that this is the same God that created the world.

The same God that had a plan for the nation of Israel and delivered them from the Egyptians via the miraculous parting of the Red Sea to show them that He was in control.

The same God that empowered a weak David to fight and kill a champion giant and therefore revealed His power.

The same God that showed that He is the one true God by sending fire down to burn up Elijah's water saturated alter on Mount Caramel.

The same God that was introduced to a humble life in this world via a virgin in a stable.

The same God that came as the ultimate Doctor to heal the sick, the blind, and the demon-possessed.

The same God that chose to associate with thieves and prostitutes to show His unconditional love for EVERYONE.

The same God that loved us so much that He died a torturous death on a cross to to give all of us the promise of love, hope, and forgiveness.

The same God that rose from the dead to prove He is GOD!

This is the God that does not change. This is the God who is still working in 2011. This is the God that is showing Himself to us everyday. This is the God who is being shunned in this sin-filled world but who is persistent and continually forgiving.
If all these things are true of OUR God and if He is never-changing, then that means that He is still capable of moving in ways that we never could have imagined. He is still capable of transforming hardened hearts, rescuing the oppressed, providing for the helpless, and of loving the sinner. Why then do we not see Him doing these things everday? Why have we become so calloused to His glory and power? Why are we not seeing miracles happening with consistency and frequency?

I believe that it's because we don't seek it out. We don't intentionally go out of our way to see God. We don't strive to experience Him in a tangible way.

When we do this, it is then that things get crazy and we see God for who He is.

Creator of the Universe.

Loving Controller of our destiny.

Our faithful Provider.

Strength for the weak.

Rewarder of the faithful.

The One true God.

Change for the resistant.

Humble Savior.

Miracle worker.

Awesome Healer.

Unprejudiced Friend.

Selfless Sacrifice.

Greater than even the grave.

Protective Guardian.

Approachable King.

Compassionate Lord.

And yet abiding, certain, constant, enduring, immoveable, reliable, safe, solid, stable, steadfast, sure, unchanging, unfaltering, unshaken, unwavering GOD.
You are unchangeable! You are the one thing in this world that we can count on to always be there when we call. You are God! Thank you so much for caring enough about each and every person to know each and every intimate detail of their lives. Thank you for being the solid rock on which we stand. Please help us see you for who you are. Please help us have full confidence in your power. Please remind us that nothing is impossible with you! And help us follow, wholeheartedly after you, equipped with that knowledge.
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This journal entry was posted by Maggie. She is currently single with no children and attends another church.

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