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Mrs Mayi

October 26 // 1 Corinthians 8:20-21

2 Timothy 3:16
TheScriptures are not just words. They are not just ordinary words from men but the are divinely revealed,instructed and commanded by our Almighty God through the Holy Spirit. They are for sound doctrine giving us and equiping us for our Christian life. When Jesus was leaving us on earth He did not leave us like ophans but love us with a fatherly love and said He will send the comforter who is the Holy Spirit to teach us all things including things to come and through the scriptures we are being guides and instructed how to live our kingdom lives on earth. How to fulfil our call. The Word is God and when we read it we feel and hear the fathers voice taling back to us comforting, guiding, instructing, commanding us how to fight the good fight, how to run the race, how to keep the faith and how we will be rewarded. Praise God!
In my daily life,having the Word of God and meditating on Scriptures give me the assurance and feel that my God is always with me. Yes, I can feel His presence, His warmth and peace. Every answer that I need when I am not sure or when I need wisdom and understand from the Father is wrap up in the Word. O! Yes He is the Word. The Bible says in revelation the one Who sits on the white horse whose name is written on His fore head which is the Word. In the gospel of John it says in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word is God. So for me to know Who my Father is and to get closer to Him and to feel Him and His amazing love is to know the Word. I thank Him so much for being with me at all time. For the scripture is alive all the time. Word is a living word it always talk to me directin me on my journey and I know I am not alone. Praise be to the living God!!!!.
Father we thank you for Your Word. I pray that you continue to reveal, instruct and guide through Your Word giving us the guidance we need in order to identify and fulfil our callings. Thank for being such a wonderful, amazing Father with amazing love that even when You are going you did not leave just like that but care so much so that you send the Holy Spirit to teach and direct us through Your Word how to live in this world. My prayer to you Lord that we all must obey Your word, not only that but to take our calling seriously and not only to be hears of the Word but doers of the Word sharing the word with boldness, so thoes lost in this world will get to know you as we have and that the whole world will come to know the truth and they also will be free. I pray that the Word will reach every leader in the world that those with stoney heart will be giving fleshy heart and Your Word will be planted in it and that every decision that they will make will be in line with Your Word. Father, thank you for the christian solders that you have raised and those are are raising to go out there to spread the gospel. We commit them into your hands and we pray that as they mind Your business you are also minding their business. I thank Father for their lives. Lord pray that every christian should keep on standing even in days such as these putting on the whole armour of God knowing that where we are weak you are strong in us, and that we will not stagger nor stumble and fall believing in and standing on the Word of God which is the Truth. Father we love you and we know you grace is sufficient for us so we shall not fear any evil. In the name of our father and Lord Jesus Christ I have prayed. Amen, amen and amen!
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