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He is always there!

November 19 // 1 Corinthians 8:20-21

"Why do you stand afar off, O Lord? Why do You hide Yourself in times of trouble?" (Ps 10:1)
Jesus is so far away from us, He is higher than the heavens!
So many think Jesus is not there when your in trouble, but He is ALWAYS there. You can't see Him butHe is still there.
Dear Jesus, I really want to see Your face and get to know you more. I am so glad you are my God, not like evil ones, I wish I was like You because You are so nice!
Please forgive me for my sins!
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This journal entry was posted by Lakeesha. She is currently single with no children and attends another church.

Devotions for November 19

Matthew 1,2,3,4

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