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June 1 // 1 Corinthians 8:20-21

Romans 13:8
"Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law"
There was one commandment Jesus Christ had clearly fufilled, He LOVED AND KEPT LOVING ALL! That clearly was shown through the piercing on the cross. HE PAID the debt for us, so as a sinner, is that why we are accountable for the price of LOVE? To LOVE ONE ANOTHER? Isn't HE saying we owe no one anything, BUT to love one another? The LORD fulfilled the law through sacrifice and we have not but one thing to do that will keep us humble and meek... and thats to Love our NEIGHBOR.

Can you believe how easy of a job we have. We dont have to climb a mountain or run a marathon. Or swim across the Pacific Ocean. If we had a choice to forgive someone, would you forgive or live int he Himalayas without a sweater? Ah haa!

Whether it is trouble that lingers within our hearts or mind, LOVE is the key to conquer all the iniquities that attack our lives. Its an indescribable feeling that just feels joyous. When you are loved and you know it, all things around that are negative fails, because of the power of LOVE. I know when Im weak, I remind myself of how Christ sacrificed His life for us, cause He loved us that much to stretch His arms and not only is it devastating, He had to bear the pain just so that we could one day live in HIS KINGDOM. I remind myself if I could put myself in that position all the time. And it humbles me.

It helps me to die to myself and know that humility to overcome the obstacles that we face with our flesh that causes us to stumble. To forgive those who mock or deceive us. To speak righteously with words of wisdom. To take action quickly when our tongues unravel darkness that would cause a multitude of problems. To justify the truth in all that we do. To not live a Lie that will destroy the our Gift that could conquer the Hate of this WORLD. TO JUST LOVE AND LET LOVE fill our hearts to have a pure conscious so that we can just have Peace with ourselves and others. If I had not know the POWER OF LOVE, my walk with the Lord would be harder today. This has helped me in so many ways to choose the blessings over curses. It has opened my eyes to the importance of my purpose. That is to live by the Lords Laws with LOVE.
Heavenly Father,

I Thank you Jesus for your immeasurable Love!! You are so worthy of all my Praises. I pray for guidance and strength for my sister or brother reading this. TO be with them and their families. Fill our hearts with the desires to serve you and to follow your commandments. When all things fail, I seek your Love that it unfailing. Help me understand more about the Love you have for us. This has helped me through so many storms. Although it could be difficult sometimes to humble myself, I realize Love breaks down all the hurt and pain. Make me more like you.I thank you again for your Word. I pray for Israel also. IN JESUS NAME I PRAY. AMEN!!
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This journal entry was posted by Meilin. She is currently married, has 1 child and has attended New Hope for the past 3 years.

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Proverbs 19,20,21
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