Hold On; Enjoy the Ride

Elwin Ahu

"Thus says the Lord of hosts, "Let your hands be strong ... to the end that the temple be built." (Zech. 8:(9)
That's what's so cool about God - He never loses focus of His ultimate goal. Regardless of the opposition, the nay sayers, the political analysts and critics who stood in the way, the Lord exhorted His people to "strengthen their hands" and finish the work; the temple had to be built.

Notice God never said He would muzzle the critics or censor their grandstanding, nor was He in the business of filling the potholes or removing the roadblocks that ran interference. He knew what needed to be accomplished and it was the people who held the responsibility to strengthen their hands and set their hearts to cross the finish line with a passion.

I am reminded of Brother Yun's testimony, as cited in the book "The Heavenly Man," of the Christians in China who under intense 21st Century governmental persecution never seem to give up, but continue to press on to the upward call of Jesus Christ. Regardless of the blatant unfairness and treatment received at the hands of government officials, Brother Yun emphatically stated, "we never pray that God would remove the government; we pray that our backs may be strengthened that we may carry a heavier load."
God's assignment for me, and the task that lay ahead, for my family, for the ministry is no different - to finish the work that He has already begun in the temple of my heart. No doubt there will be challenges that I will have to face, daily. There will be those who will stand in opposition to what He's asked me to accomplish. There will be nay sayers and obstacles laid before me that are simply beyond my control.

But, while God may never remove the boulders that attempt to block my way to the finish line, may my hands be strengthened by Him that I may carry out the call He's placed in my heart. May the Lord strengthen my heart and my mind to sustain an even greater burden for Him today, that I may run His race with an even greater passion.
Lord, with all that I am about to encounter, may my eyes never lose focus of the call that you've placed on my heart. For every obstacle that stands in my way, for every encounter with fear, self-doubt that I may experience, may my hands be strengthened to carry out Your will for me, for my family, for my ministry. Help me to hold on to your promises and enjoy the ride!!

Devotions for October 01

Zechariah 10,11,12
Psalms 126
Luke 14

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