Guardian of a Joyful heart

Rod Shimabukuro

"You have made known to me the paths of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence." (Acts 2:28)
The writings of Acts inflames my heart. A passion burns in me to know Jesus more, through the Holy Spirit, to live right and be used of God in a way that transforms other people's lives!

The presence of God is real and made known through the acts of the Holy Spirit through the apostles! Peter's boldness is renewed, having once stumbled in denying the Lord, uncompromisingly preaches the Word of God to the Jews and all the crowd that were gathered.
There's a God breathed, firey life burning in me. My heart is stirred to know Him, all of Him, all of His person and ways! The Holy SPirit is really stirring my heart, my inner man to live a life fully devoted to Him - a life of joy in His presence!!

That's it - JOY! I want to be continuously filled with His presence of joy, in all areas of life. the tensions I face, the temptations, the pressures of pastoral home and church can be draining at times. I love being a husband to Beckie, a father to my 3 kids a pastor in His Kingdom - I absolutely love my calling. But that's it - I love my calling at times, more than the One who called me, blessed me with these callings in life!

Today, YOU remind me that You have revealed Your will to me and have filled me with JOY in YOUR PRESENCE!! SO i want to live, think, believe differently by guarding the Joy You have given me - not allowing bad attitudes (mine and others) , pressures, circumstances to steal God's Joy in my life!
Dear Lord,

Thanks for giving me discernment to live guarded against the enemy of attitudes that could rob me of living, thinking and acting joyfully! I choose to live, think and act in a way that reflects Your heart of Joy!

Devotions for October 12

Nehemiah 7,8
Acts 1

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